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Homeopathic (HM-DIN)

Homeopathic (HM-DIN)

Homeopathic Medicines are regulated in the same manner as Natural Health Products in that a product license application must be completed and licensing can take 10 days to 210 days depending on the health claims made (non-specific claims like “homeopathic medicine” take 10 days whereas specific claims can take up to 7 months for approval). ¬†Homeopathic medicines are licensed as DIN-HM in Canada.

Criterion for homeopathic medicines require they meet two criteion:

  1. Medicinal ingredient must be found in the homeopathic monograph and found in one of the homeopathic pharmacopeias such as the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS), European Pharmacopeia (Ph. Eur) among others.
  2. Prepared as indicated in one of the homeopathic pharmacopoeias.

Novel conditions not indicated in the homeopathic pharmacopoeia may be used as long as there is scientific evidence to support the claim such as from the homeopathic Materia medica.

NNHPD allows for combination of homoepathic ingredients with non-homeopathic ingredients but these will be evaluated as Natural Health Products to work towards a Natural Product Number (NPN).

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