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International Trade Certificate (ITC)

The value of a Natural Product Number (NPN) for a Natural Health Product can be of benefit internationally.  Many countries recognize Canada’s regulatory program both in terms of product registration and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that must be adhered to.  However, some countries require proof of these Canadian regulatory requirements.  An International Trade Certificate (ITC) can provide one of three functions:

First, an ITC can be issued to ensure the valid status of the Natural Health Product being exported ie. that it has an NPN license.  Secondly, an ITC can be issued for proof attests to the site status of the manufacturer, packager and/or labeller ie. a NHP site license or third, ITCs can be utilized for proof of a homeopathic medicine (DIN-HM) and its site license activity.

ITCs are only issued to Canadian based companies with a valid NPN or site license.

Health Canada stopped issuing ITCs from September 2, 2013 and transferred this responsibility to third-party issuers.  Quality Smart Solutions can assist in issuing ITCs for your product or site with a quick turnaround time, accuracy and the capability of either English or French versions of ITCs.