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This solution is available when you need Quality Smart Solutions personnel on-site, either on a temporary or permanent basis. Quality Smart Solutions will work to meet your budget needs, timeframes, and scope.

Our Retainer Solutions include:

  • Hourly Service

    We offer our Regulatory and Quality service advice to clients on an hourly basis, billed at 15 minute increments. We can accommodate you by e-mail, phone, or fax.

    Projects are typically handled on a project-fee basis that represents considerable savings compared to hourly service.

  • Pay-As-You-Go Bundle Retainer

           A pay-as-you-Go bundle can represent significant savings compared to our hourly rate. We have different packages that vary from as little as 10 hours a month up to 160 hours a month.

            The more hours in your monthly package, the greater the savings compared to the hourly rate.                 We keep track of time used per month and present a weekly or monthly update of where your                   time usage stands.


  • Retained Quality Assurance Officer (QAO)

    Quality Assurance personnel are integral to your organization and hold a great deal of responsibility. Your personnel should be well versed in quality assurance principles and functions, current Good Manufacturing Practices, FDA and or NHP regulations, and have a process oriented mindset.

    If you are a startup organization without a QAO, or you need to fill this position on an interim basis, we can help you fill this gap. Additionally, should your company be planning to obtain a Canadian site license (which requires a QAO) we are your Solution.

    Our Quality Assurance Officer has over 15 years experience and has the integrity needed to ensure only quality approved products are available to the public. Recruit Quality Smart Solutions today to handle your QA functions, ensure business continuity, and give you peace of mind that “the quality stuff” is being taken care of.

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