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United Kingdom (MHRA)

In the UK, several divisions are involved in the regulations and advertising of health products.

The monitoring authorities include the Food Standards Agency (safety), Trading Standards/Environmental Health (banned/borderline substances), and the Advertising Standards Authority or ASA (marketing/label claims).

For ingredients, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) determines if ingredients are medicinal, or foods (and therefore included in unlicensed supplements), or if they are banned substances. The Borderline Panel determines on a product-by-product basis whether a particular product is to be deemed medicinal.

As of December 2012, only European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) label and marketing claims are acceptable in the UK. Due to the stringency of EFSA requirements for claims (similar to those for licensing pharmaceutical drugs) only a few claims are acceptable.

We will assist you in determining whether your formula or ingredients are safe, or if they are classified as borderline. We can advise you on whether the claims you make on your packaging and advertising fall within the EFSA adoption regulations set forth by the Advertising Standards Authority.

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