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10 Reasons

Thinking of hiring a consulting firm to be your quality and regulatory solutions provider for your Health Products?

10 Reasons you should consider Quality Smart Solutions as your trusted Business Partner in Science and Compliance.

  1. We Put Customers First
    Quality Smart Solutions is “client-obsessed.” We respond to your emails and phone calls…often immediately.
  2. We Complete Projects Fast!
    Projects such as product license applications are completed in 1 to 4 weeks, and French translation in 2-4 days. We deliver our solutions with speed without sacrificing quality. We take into consideration your business needs (project launches, retail listings, packaging print lead time, etc.) so that you have compliant products available to your customers in time. We are familiar with “peak season” product launches so we understand that it’s imperative to get your project well prepared, started, and completed ASAP!
  3. HIGH Client Retention
    Clients love working with us and often refer their business partners to work with us.  =We are happy to provide references.
  4. One Stop Shop
    There’s no need to work with multiple firms to prepare your products for Canada. Quality Smart Solutions can prepare your license application, provide the French translation of your label copy text, create the graphic design artwork, and be your legal licensed importer.

    Planning to sell in the U.S. market? We are your regulatory expert for Dietary Supplements, ensuring your claims are substantiated and FDA is notified 30 days prior to going to market. International regulatory compliance? Lab testing of your products? We are your ideal Solutions Partner for all your Science and Compliance Needs!

  5. Not Just a “Regulatory and Quality” Firm
    Our founder has an Honours Science Degree, an MBA and a 20 year passion for the consumer health products industry. His diverse science, quality, regulatory, and business knowledge and experience provide depth to our solution offerings that include advising client companies in business development, strategy, and business process improvement. Quality Smart Solutions offers an array of services that include raw material sourcing, importing solutions, distribution and manufacturer setup, and more solutions.
  6. High Value
    Quality Smart Solutions is very competitive in pricing. The added value in Quality Smart Solution’s service is in client satisfaction, fast turnaround time, and diverse solutions. We keep our operations lean and efficient, and continuously fine tune our processes without sacrificing service quality.
  7. We Are Well Networked
    Our experience in the health products industry affords us many connections in an ever growing network. Whether you need a manufacturer, distributor, packager, retailer, or legal advice we have the solution with the right contact to assist your business growth.
  8. Our History Is In Compliance
    The founder of Quality Smart Solutions has nearly 20 years experience in the Consumer Health Products Industry. He is a stakeholder in government meetings developing Health Canada regulations, is a strong advocate of health products, and leads a holistic healthy lifestyle.
  9. Personal Touch
    We like to think of ourselves as much like the local grocer you grew up with, who said “Hi, how’re the kids doing?” We are down to earth and have a personal touch in our client service. When you call us you are talking directly with the founder, not a receptionist who’ll put you in queue. We started our company this way and we believe this has played a part in our HIGH CLIENT RETENTION. The founder is “hands on” in the day to day operations of Quality Smart Solutions.
  10. We Evolve
    We are constantly offering new services and growing our network of contacts in distribution, manufacturing, retail, and government agencies. The consumer health products industry is seeing considerable growth and we are too! We continuously look to improve the way we do business and how we satisfy our clients. As we grow and learn we will offer innovative solutions to YOU. Partnering with us will provide your organization assurance and continued business growth.

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